Criminal Justice Research & Planning Unit

Vision Statement 

To be the leader in criminal justice research and the development of up to date relevant crime statistics while delivering professional and quality service to members of the public. 

Mission Statement 

To execute the systematic collection, collation and analysis of data on issues related to crime and the criminal justice system to develop empirically sound rigorous research on crime. 

Overall Goal

To conduct rigorous empirical research which would inform policy on crime prevention, crime reduction, criminal justice and victimology. 


Over the next five years, the objectives of the Criminal Justice Research and Planning Unit (CJRPU) are:

  • To conduct research into the incidents and nature of crime in order to identify criminal risk factors and crime trends.
  • To partner with the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill and other institutions to conduct culturally appropriate criminal justice research projects as well as to build the research skills of officers at the Criminal Justice Research and Planning Unit.
  • Liaise with criminal justice agencies to disseminate research findings and plan crime reduction strategies.
  • To use all forms of media and technology to disseminate research findings to members of the general public.
  • To build the capacity of the Barbados Crime Observatory to have access to timely, accurate, user-friendly data that would provide information on the true nature and extent of crime, offenders and victims. 


The CJRPU will strengthen relations with local, regional and international partners with the objective of strengthening the research and data collection capacity of the department and other criminal justice agencies.
The CJRPU will seek to build stronger partnerships with the following agencies:

  • The Barbados Police Service
  • Government Industrial School
  • National Council on Substance Abuse
  • Community Development Department
  • Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Ministry of Family and Youth
  • Barbados Prison Service
  • Youth Organisations
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Faith-Based Organisations
  • National Sports Council
  • British High Commission
  • US Embassy

Regional and International Partnerships 

  • US Embassy
  • OAS
  • UN Programme For Women
  • United Nations Development Programme
  • Regional Security System
  • British High Commission
  • Canadian High Commission
  • Crime Stoppers Barbados