Forensics Sciences Center

The Forensic Sciences Centre offers a diverse service portfolio that includes not only forensic investigations but toxicological and clinical monitoring. The Centre is an integral arm of the judicial system and provides impartial scientific evidence to the courts and tribunals thus assisting in the adjudication of cases. 

With its service diversity, it is projected that the Centre could be a major service provider within the region being better poised to capitalize on opportunities in newly emerging markets.  


To be the most progressive Forensic Institution within the Caribbean Region. 


Towards the improvement of the quality of life of the Barbadian population by assisting to provide an enhanced judicial system through the greater use of forensic science in both civil and criminal proceedings, and to encourage other Caribbean countries to achieve the same. 

The successful strategic planning of the operations of the Forensic Sciences Centre is grounded in the acquisition of five major goals: 


To provide a quality management system that improves the service to the public sector whilst developing internal administrative procedures that sustain a desirable corporate image of the department. 


To provide quality scientific evidence and expert testimony to the courts of law, law enforcement and official agencies. 


To design the most appropriate marketing strategy to target potentially lucrative resources, whilst implementing useful technology to achieve a viable financial institution. 


To provide educational programs that enhance the awareness of forensic science as an effective judiciary tool. 


To facilitate research and method development within the forensic field as a mechanism to ensure the continued growth and advancement of the science.