Law Revision Office

The appointment of a public officer to the office of Law Revision Commissioner mid-year in 2020, introduced modernization and brought an end to the centuries old tradition of the Attorney General being the Law Revision Commissioner. Law revision and consolidation services are now provided by the newly established Law Revision Office pursuant to the Law Revision and Law Reform Act, 2019-6. The Office is therefore still in its initial stages.

The mandate of the Office is to ensure that the Laws are accurate and clear. As such, it consists of four main areas. These are the revision of the Laws of Barbados, the consolidation of the Laws, providing citizens and officials with access to the Laws and preservation of the Laws through archiving.

The main goals of the Office are as follows:

  • providing expeditious revision of the Laws of Barbados so as to ensure that the Laws are accurate and clear. This is achieved by correcting errors, inserting notes and annotations and updating information which has changed over time.
  • providing expeditious consolidation of the Laws of Barbados to keep the laws up to date and easy to understand for the benefit of users. This is done by incorporating amendments to the law into the principal law.
  • Facilitating access to the Laws by the public and by officials for the administration of justice and the facilitation of the rule of law.
  • The preservation of hardcopies and digital copies of the Laws through archiving for the benefit of future generations and to facilitate point in time research.