Barbados Police Service


To enhance law enforcement and public safety deliverables by the integration of modern technology and through a competent workforce leading in international police standards and enabling efficiency, accountability and professional excellence.


To provide the highest quality of police service in parternship with our community to ensure a safe and stable environment.

The Barbados Police Service (TBPS), as established under the Police Act, of 1961(a), and the Constitution of Barbados is a part of the government responsible for local law enforcement. Mr. Richard Boyce is currently Commissioner of the Police. The Barbados Police Service is divided into three territorial divisions, the Bridgetown Division, the Northern  Division and the Southern Division. The organisation structure of the TBPS is modelled after London's Metropolitan Police Service.


The main Police Force of Barbados was established in 1835. Soon after its founding the Police Force informally had mounted policemen, however in 1880 an actual mounted division was recognised and known as the Mounted Corps. (later renamed the Mounted Branch in 1933.) In 1882, the Harbour Police Force was unified with The Main Land Division after it had been established separately in 1867. Roughly 100 years later in the 1980s the Harbour Police Unit was dissolved entirely.

The prefix "Royal" was added to the title of The Police Force in February 1966 due to a visit by the Queen. Since that time, "Royal" has remained as part of the name and identity of the force.  On November 30, 2021 on Barbados becoming a Parliamentary Republic, the name was changed to The Barbados Police Service.

The Barbados Police Service is a full member of International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL).  Additionally, The Barbados Police Service is the only accredited law enforcement agency in the Caribbean and South America.


The headquarters for The Barbados Police Service is in the former Barclays Bank Complex on Lower Roebuck Street, Bridgetown, Saint Michael.

The headquarters houses the Commissioner of Police; the Deputy Commissioners of Police; the offices of all Assistant Commissioners of Police; Staff Officer to the Commissioner and Staff Sergeants of the above Commissioners; the Secretary to the Commissioner of Police; the Research and Development Department; the Police Registry; and the Human Resources Department and the Accounts Department.