Police Complaints Authority

The Police Complaints Authority is an Independent body established by The Police Complaints Authority Act Cap. 167A. The functions of the Authority are to:

  • Monitor the investigations by the Police Force of any complaint with a view to ensuring that the investigation is conducted impartially;
  • Supervise the investigation of complaints or other matters in accordance with section 7 of the Act;
  • Undertake the direct investigation of complaints where it thinks necessary; and
  • Review complaints in accordance with section 21 to 24 of the Act.

Vision Statement

To secure the confidence of the public and the police in the manner of the investigation of complaints against the police.

Mission Statement

To maintain an independent system of investigating complaints against the Police. 

Hours of Business to members of the public

Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm 


Correspondence should be addressed:
The Chairman
Police Complaints Authority
Jones Building, Webster’s Business Park,
Wildey, St. Michael

Tel. 535-0510; 535-0511; 535-0512;

Fax; 429-4057;

Email: pca@barbados.gov.bb