Solicitor General's Chambers

The Attorney-General is the principal legal adviser to the Government of Barbados in accordance with the Constitution.  He is a member of Parliament and carries out the functions of principal legal adviser through the Solicitor General’s Chambers which is staffed by public officers. The Chambers is headed by the Solicitor General and it represents State authorities in the Law Courts, reviews and prepares contractual documents and renders opinions on legal matters referred to it by State authorities. In addition, the Chambers fulfils its responsibility for the drafting of legislation through the Chief Parliamentary Counsel’s Office which is headed by the Chief Parliamentary Counsel.

Vision Statement

To be the premier public sector legal office in the Caribbean that promotes fairness, equality and justice for all through the provision of quality legal advice and representation locally, regionally and internationally.

Mission Statement

To provide timely and dependable legal services to the Office of the Attorney-General and the Public Service of Barbados, thereby ensuring fair treatment of the citizens and residents as well as good governance of the country.

Strategic Mandate

The Chambers performs a critical role in the administration of justice and upholding the rule of law by:

  1. advising the State on all aspects of constitutional, public and civil law;
  2. representing the State in constitutional, public and civil law proceedings;
  3. preparing draft legislation for introduction into Parliament. 

The Chambers functions include:

  • advising the President, Prime Minister and other members of Cabinet, and all Ministries and Departments of Government on constitutional, public and civil law matters;
  • representing the State in constitutional, public and civil law proceedings, mediation and arbitration matters;
  • performing the duties of the Public Trustee;
  • negotiating and settling claims out of Court;
  • advising on the legal aspect of the State’s international relations including relations with international organizations;
  • participating in the negotiation of bilateral and multilateral treaties and agreements with other states and international organizations;
  • researching areas of the law for the Attorney-General;
  • vetting financial documents relating to loan agreements and bond issues on the domestic and international markets;
  • having representatives on various Committees, Statutory and other bodies locally, regionally and internationally.


Solicitors General



1967 – 1979

The Hon. Oliver Browne, CHB, QC

1979 – 1987

Mr. Cecil Tulloch QC

1987 – 1995

Mr. Woodbine Davis, QC

1995 – 1996

The Hon. Mr. Justice Carlisle Payne, J

1996 – 2005

The Hon. Madam Justice Kay Goodridge, J.A.

2006 – 2020

Ms. Jennifer C. Edwards, QC


Solicitor General’s Chambers,
Spencer Building,
Webster Business Park,
St. Michael BB14006

PBX:  1(246)535-0400

Facsimile : 1 (246) 435-9533