Supreme Court

The Registration Department is segmented in its functions and has the following sections:

  1. The Supreme Court which comprises:
    • The Court of Appeal
    • The High Court
  2. The Court of Appeal is presided over by Justices of Appeal and deals with Appeals from the High Courts and Magistrates' Courts. The Chief Justice is President of the Court of Appeal.
  3. The High Courts are presided over by Judges of the High Court and deal with Civil and Family matters as well as Criminal offences that are committed for trial by the Magistrates' Courts.
  4. The Magistrates' Courts
    The Magistrates' Courts are courts of summary jurisdiction where a Magistrate acting without a jury conducts cases without delay or formality. Magistrates' Courts are located at the various districts throughout the island.
  5. The Court Process Office
    The Chief Marshal is responsible for the administration of the Court Process office. Administrative responsibility is exercised through the Court Process service.
  6. The Records Branch
    The Records Branch also referred to as the Island's registry is responsible for the registration of vital records, i.e. births, deaths, marriages and professional registrations.

In addition, there are also the following support units:

  • Court Administration and Personnel Unit
  • Court Transcription Unit
  • Management Information Systems & Records Management Unit
  • Library Services Unit
  • Accounts Unit

Vision Statement

To create an environment in which the needs and interests of the persons using the services of the Registration Department are carefully considered and addressed; and to provide an environment that is technologically developed.

Mission  Statement

  • To provide the citizens of Barbados with an accessible judicial system that maintains a high degree of public trust and confidence, dispense justice by resolving disputes and conducting administrative functions in a fair, equitable, just, speedy and efficient manner;
  • To ensure that all vital events (births, deaths and marriages) occurring in Barbados are registered and provide documentary evidence of these events; and
  • To provide those other services as required by the Laws of Barbados.


The functions of the Registration Department are numerous and include, but are not limited to:

  • Processing of cases for trial in the following courts: Appeals, Criminal, Civil and Family, Traffic, Domestic matters.
  • Processing of applications for grants of Probate and Letters of Administration.
  • Registration of births, stillbirths, deaths and marriages.
  • Registration of professional persons.
  • Recording of deeds such as powers of attorney, Deed Polls and deeds not pertaining to land.
  • Supplying authentic copies of birth, death and marriage certificates, decrees absolute, wills and other public records on the request and payment of the appropriate fee.
  • Processing of Liquor Licenses.
  • Collecting fees and fines imposed by the Magistrates.
  • Collection and disbursement of maintenance money.
  • Service of Court documents.
  • Signing of Court documents
  • Notarizing and authenticating documents
  • Administering oaths.