Help & Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Chief Parliamentary Counsel draft laws at the request of the public?


The Chief Parliamentary Counsel can only draft laws after the policy has been approved by the Cabinet of Barbados.

How to enquire about or apply for legal aid?

Call the office to request information or to make an appointment for an interview at 535-9900.

Send an email to with your contact details.

A person charged with an offence may apply to the judge or magistrate before whom he/she appears.

A person convicted of an offence may apply to a judge before the appeal is heard.

How to make a police complaint?
  • A valid form of picture Identification must be shown, (e.g. National Registration Card, Passport, Drivers’ Licence).
  • You are required to complete and sign the prescribed form at the Office of the Police Complaints Authority.
  • A complaint may not be made later than two (2) years from the date on which the complainant first knew of the facts that gave rise to the complaint. 
  • The Person who receives the complaint will record it and give you a copy of the complaint signed by you and him/her.
If the Police Complaints Authority is not satisfied?
  • The Police Complaints Authority may institute a hearing to inquire into the  details of the complaint.
  • The Authority will thereafter submit a report to the Commissioner of Police outlining its findings and recommendations in respect of the disposition of the complaint.
  • A copy of this report will be sent to the person who made the complaint. 


If you are not satisfied with the outcome of a police complaint?

You may apply in writing for a review of the complaint by the Authority, within three (3) months of receiving the findings of the investigation of your complaint indicating the reason(s) for your dissatisfaction. 

Is the Chief Parliamentary Counsel responsible for the printing, sale and publication of new laws in the Gazette?


The Government Printer is responsible for the printing and sale of laws to the public as well as the publication of laws in the Official Gazette.

Is the process of law revision and the process of law reform the same?

Law revision is the process of the consolidation and editing of laws.

Law reform is the process of examining existing laws with an aim to improve, modernize and introduce new laws in order to ensure that the laws are relevant.

Professions which require disclosure of Spent Conviction
Psychological Profiles and Serious Offenses

Interviews may be required subsequent to the submitted application depending on the individual case.

An order book copy from the courts to show that fines have been paid no matter how old the conviction.

Individuals may be contacted to produce additional documents, therefore a current contact must be provided (Email, telephone, mobile, Address)

If an individual requires assistance an appointment booking should be made via the booking section.

Seeking Appointment to any office of employment
What happens after a police complaint has been made?
  • The complaint is sent to the Office of the Commissioner of Police by the Police Complaints Authority to be investigated.
  • On completion of the investigation you will receive a copy of the findings of the investigation.
What is meant by the Statute Book?

The Statute Book comprises all of the laws in Barbados. To make the laws easy to locate and understand, the laws are consolidated by the Law Revision Commissioner and assigned chapter numbers on consolidation.  The process on consolidation involves incorporating amendment to the laws into the principal law and these laws are also referred to as the "Consolidated Laws".

What types of matters is legal aid available for?

Legal Aid is available for:

  • Most serious crimes
  • Matters involving minors and juvenile offenders
  • Family matters, except divorce
  • Matters involving small holdings and tenantries
  • Constitutional matters
Who can apply for legal aid?

Any citizen, permanent resident of or immigrant to Barbados may apply for legal aid.

Who can make a police complaint?
  • Any members of the public or their authorized agent may make complaints against the Police.
  • Complaints may be made at the office of the Police Complaints Authority, any Police Station or at the Complaints Office of the Royal Barbados Police Force. 
  • The service provided is free of Charge.